Welcome to Condorrat Parish Church website.

“Everything is possible for the person who has faith”

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be a Church which seeks to inspire the people of our community and beyond with the good news of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing, nurturing and serving communities.

We are a congregation in the village of Condorrat which is part of Cumbernauld seeking to work for the Glory of God. Whether you are living, working or visiting the area we welcome you.

Karen Hamilton is the deacon at Cambuslang Parish Church. She was appointed by the Glasgow Presbytery to act as Interim Moderator. This means that she oversees the running of Kirk Session meetings and should there be a requirement for Baptism or Communion it is her responsibility to either conduct the service or arrange for another ordained minister to do as such.

Please click this link to visit the Scotland Churches Trust website.

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