I to the hills will lift mine eyes, from whence doth come thine aid? My safety cometh from the Lord who heaven and earth hath made.”

Hi Everyone,

I am at the moment in Kirriemiur and thinking about you all wherever you are. I hope and pray that you are all well and keeping safe. Though we are divided by distance and the fact that we can not gather together, we are joined in our faith and in our care for the church. I hope that you are managing to watch the TV on Sunday, I thought that last week’s worship programmes very supportive and thoughtful.

It reminds us that no matter where we are, even if on our own that God is with us in all situations and circumstances. Therefore when we continue to pray or read a word from the Bible or listen to a service we can be assured that we shall experience the love and support which God can give. He is not confined to the sanctuary here in Condorrat, lovely as it is, where we always have such a sense of His Presence.

It also reminds us to place our trust and confidence fully in Him and to pray regularly for our loved ones whom we cannot meet just now and for the community. This time will pass and with God’s good grace we will meet with such a sense of joy. Even more interesting at this time is what God is doing in the world. There has been a story recently by an Italian Doctor [an aetheist] who found himself turning to God. Through this discovery he has found courage and strength in his work and in his life.

One more thing to say, I went out on Thursday night at 8pm to clap for the NHS as well as some of my neighbours and it was all very lovely. However, along came a man walking his three collie dogs and they thought I was clapping to call them to me. So they all surrounded me and were just about into the house. Hey Ho nothing seems to be simple, it was a bit of fun though.



We gather now in spirit, aware of distance, yet aware of closeness,

the closeness of Your Loving Care.

You are as steadfast as the hills,

You are as loving and caring as always and in this time of fear and anxiety,

 give us Your strength and Your comfort.

We pray for our family and friends,

For those in our neighbourhood especially those on their own.

For the people affected by the Virus, and their families and friends.

For the workers who care for the sick, support the isolated at home,

For all those who work in our community.

We ask these in Jesus name,


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