“On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb.They found the stone rolled away from the tomb,but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.“ [Luke ch24 v1-3]

“Jesus Christ is risen today Alleluia” the great Easter Hymn would have been sung today in so many places of worship throughout the world. In Condorrat everyone would have moved forward and helped to transform the bare cross with flowers. A sign of new life and a new beginning celebrating the Resurrection when Jesus returned and was seen by so many.

The entire narrative of the Resurrection can be found in all four Gospels each written from a different perspective with separate details which tells of the days after when Jesus met up with his followers in different ways. I recommend Luke today and if you read the whole of chapter 24 [if you do not have a Bible handy look it up on biblegateway] you will find the lovely narrative of the Road to Emmaus. It tells of Jesus walking closer to two of His followers at a time when they needed Him much more than ever. His patience in explaining the pattern of God’s Plan, His quiet way with them, yet His words burned in their heart. 

Jesus comes alongside us today with quiet humility, but in such a way as to inspire us to want to hear His words, understand His way, to get to know Him more fully. The empty Tomb means just that, it is empty, He has not been captured by the authorities of the time or since. He has not stayed in that garden cemetery or in that time and place, His light shines out for all of us and He draws near when we need Him most. 

It is a reason to celebrate and shout for joy, that Jesus died for us and rose again for us and still seeks us out to walk alongside us. The painting so kindly created by Andy Eadie and placed outside the church demonstrates so well the joy of knowing Jesus and the souls moving towards Him as He calls us IN His mercy.

As we journey through this time of trouble in the world and find ourselves dismayed at every news update when so many deaths are announced, feeling for the families and friends. We remember that we have Hope, hope in the Lord who gives us strength and courage and all of His love. As the light shines in the darkness may the Light of the Lord shine in your heart today and all days.



Gathering as we do now in spirit, each one of us coming together to sing Your praises on this day of Easter. We Rejoice that Jesus has come through death to His Glory and shines out in glorious light to brighten our lives and to lift our spirits.

We praise You in the heights, for the wonder of this day, for the signs of Spring, the fresh green of new growth, the trumpets of the Daffodils waving in the wind, looking as if they were blowing a fanfare to your goodness.  The beauty of the earth awakening to the season of growth a sign of Hope.

It is Hope that we cling to and thank You for all the small miracles which brighten our lives, a phone call from friends, the many worship services available in so many ways. We give thanks for those who pioneered communications and for the many ways in which technology keeps us in touch.

We pray today for those who are working so hard in the community, the Carers who are a lifeline to so many, the NHS staff who care in difficult circumstances, everyone who supports them in their daily lives. 

We pray for those who are isolated and on their own, those who find life difficult because of physical or psychological illness, those whose income has disappeared, those who are anxious. Walk alongside them Lord that they might find the courage to keep going. May all see the light of Hope at this Eastertide.

We ask in Jesus name



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An original water colour by Mr Andy Eadie placed on the church notice board

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