“The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom.
Like the crocus,
it will burst into bloom;it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy.”                                     [ Isaiah ch35 v1-2]

I had the opportunity to attend a service on New Years Day at Holy Cross Chapel in Croy and to talk after the service to the Peace Group about peace in the world with an emphasis on ecology. I used the reading above and I reminded everyone then and all who are reading this now about the transformational healing power of God for the world. I am not a prophet but the words now seem a little prophetical, nature having been given time and space and the reduction in pollution has changed many areas and maybe our future respect for the planet.

For example, so many more people now can hear the birds sing through the day, so many take notice of their surroundings and find pleasure in the smallest flower or signs of “greening” around them. So many appreciate the walk to the shops, taking time to do so, or, the walk around the neighbourhood. Finding a place of beauty in their own part of the world instead of jetting off to the other side of the world.

In Venice, as I am sure that you have seen on TV News, the water is now so clear that people can see the bottom of the canals, where fish have returned and are thriving as well as small aquatic creatures. Where there are fish there are Cormorants ready to fish for them. The ducks have become bolder and have made nests at the Vaperreto Stop, with eggs, and a sign to say “don’t break the eggs”.

Our lives have changed and will change after this Pandemic has been overcome, I think that we will all appreciate our surroundings, our families and our friends a lot more. We will also find the comfort and support that God has given us through the different reflections and prayers on the TV and Radio and on the Internet something to be grateful for and to hang on to. Some may have come to God for the first time in their lives and have discovered that their need of God is real. In this discovery they might find the peace that they seek. For all of us, we remember that hopes and prayers are not a means of waving a magic wand and God gives us all we want. They are a means of seeking God and trusting in Him. 

He has a tremendous power and He can renew not only the world as in transforming nature but He can transform each one of us. As we go through this time of the virus and the what we are going through to combat it, we have the time for daily prayer, or, a time of thinking about God and His mighty power. You never know your faith may be increased, your thoughts on the way you have lived your life in the past may inspire you to change. The transforming God is always there at your side, waiting for you to speak to Him and think of Him. May the Lord Bless you and Keep you this day and always.


Loving God, we give thanks for Your transforming power, that nature has an opportunity to return and the world to heal. We thank You for that healing power which can calm the soul of all who cry out to You.

We pray for the world and those in the most vulnerable of situations, those who cry for help and whose need is the most. May all who seek You find in You Love, the Love that surpasses all understanding, not concerned with what has been but looking always to what will be. 

We find at this time that we can see You with clarity when our lives are not cluttered with the rush and bustle of modern life. Now that we have time to be still, may we “Be Still” in Your presence and know Your peace. We ask in Jesus name.  AMEN

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