Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. “ [1 Thessalonians ch5 v16-18]

As I was looking in the garden there was a tiny splash of colour among the greenery next the fence. It was too bright for a bird, maybe it was a piece of errant wrapping paper from a Kit Kat, it was time to investigate. For there is a time for everything and I certainly have time for such things. I found, not one but three tulips just coming out with the most fantastic shade of red with a black centre, truly beautiful. 

The thing is that I had never noticed them before and I have had this house for over nine years. I have never sat still long enough to really look at the garden properly, never noticed my surroundings so much, never appreciated the peace found in just being still. How wonderful, a Blackbird’s song trilling sweetly with a beautiful serenade, the garden birds all performing acrobatics on the bird feeders, a Robin sits on the tree and fixes me with its’ beady eye.  

Truly a day of small blessings, small reasons to rejoice and each flash of colour and song, a day of things to cheer the soul. We are encouraged whenever we see something of the wonder of nature, small surprises to remind us of the wonder of creation and the amazing love of God. I am always cheered by the pictures of Rainbows in the windows as I walk to the shop, even the rainbow chalked on the pavement with the message “Stay Safe”. It is not only a wee joy in our routine route to the shop but it keeps us apart as no-one wants to walk on it and we all walk either side of it.

Small glimpses of Hope in the daily routine of life, small glimpses of God in the everyday of our lives. For we are encouraged by Paul who wrote this letter to be joyful in all circumstances, to find the good in each moment, to treasure what we have. Not to look for God just in the spectacular, for example the Church Services at Christmas or Easter but in the quiet encounters. 

In the kindness of people towards one another, in the way many greet each other in the street, grateful for a few words. In the way some have given us such inspiration from a few small steps such as Captain Tom raising so much for the NHS. In these ways we glimpse the Divine in our midst, God is fully present in all the length and breadth of our lives. We do need the big moments to sense His nearness, simply to appreciate His presence in every moment.

In the Old Testament we read of Elijah [ 1 Kings ch19 v11] who asked that He might see God and was told to go and Stand on the mountain as the Lord passed by. Elijah experienced God not in the mighty storm, the lightning flash or in the high wind but in the still small voice. God walks with us and we hear Him in the quiet places of our souls when we take time to Be Still.


Almighty and Everlasting God,

We trace the rainbow in the rain, we see glimpses of Your Love for us in the beauty of creation, even the smallest flower on the roadside of our daily walk, or the sound of bird – song through the day, the stunning majesty of the myriad stars we see at night. All these things are manifestations of Your presence as they remind us of Your mighty power and mighty Love for us.

As we take time to appreciate these small blessings, help us to continue with the way life is at the moment. Give us patience Lord that we might find the strength to keep going even as time passes and we find isolation difficult and upsetting.

We thank you for inspirational people who raise money, those who lead worship in so many different ways, those who lead us through these difficult times. Those who brighten our lives and give us Hope.

We remember as always those are finding life so difficult, those who are ill, those who are worried and anxious about loved ones and all those who mourn. Bless them and comfort them with Your Peace. 

We ask in Jesus name,


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