Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”  [Matthew ch5 v6]

All those who are really hungry and thirsty for food and drink will find this a strange saying from Jesus – Blessed are those who hunger and thirst. An upside down thought really, something which goes against the grain in fact. It was also the case when He first said it. People were always a few days away from starvation, food was not always plentiful, dependent on a good harvest, on managing to live from hand to mouth, a day or two away from disaster at all times. Only the rich could afford food in good supply, the rest hungered and worried about where the next meal was going to come from. Yet into this society and at that moment He pronounces such things as seen as difficult or painful as Blessed. He changes the attitude of society by making people look at a different normal, a new way of thinking and acting.

At the moment we “hunger” for many things; hungry for the company of family and friends, hungry for the day we can go out where and when and for how long we want. Hungry for the day we can meet again in the sanctuary and worship with all our hearts. Though Jesus talks not of that physical hunger but a hunger of the soul – a hunger for a right way of living, keen ever to look forward to the spiritual blessings which fill up the soul. Keen also for the refreshment which seeking God brings to our daily lives. Ever on the look-out for the good in society, for the good in others and most importantly seeking to know what God’s will is for us and where we can be effective as His people.

This may be in a different way than before for we have the time now to reflect on ourselves and our faith, time to read the Bible or a devotional book which can give us such a sense of calm. the time to be thoughtful towards others and to show our caring in so many different ways. The Thursday evening when we get together to “Clap” for the NHS, Carers and the many Key workers in our society. These evenings not only do I clap along with my neighbours I know that at the same time many of you are doing the same and this brings us together in a small yet comforting way.

We are living through times in which a “new normal” is being developed in our country and throughout the world. Where life will not be the same, we will come back together but not as quickly as we thought. We will meet up and go out and do all the things we are dreaming of -one day. But not yet and we may never go back fully to the life style we have followed in the past. Just as after the second world war changed attitudes and ways of life, so this major historical event akin to a worldwar will change our attitudes and our way of living.

It will not be a bad thing because there seems to have been an outbreak of kindness and love for our neighbour shown, less cynicism and more thoughtfulness and hope. So, when we do come out of this experience we shall, I hope remember these things and cherish the neighbourliness and support and kindness displayed. May we continue to “Hunger” for a right way of living and be ever vigilant to look for righteousness, may we also be refreshed by the Love of God as we continue to turn to Him for our help and our strength and the Peace which only He can give. 



As the deer pants for the water, our souls long for you, for the refreshment of our inner being and to be filled with the wisdom, hope and comfort found in Your Word. We give You thanks for the Blessings we experience every day in the support of family and friends, that we can keep in touch through the many ways of technology. We thank You for the scientists and engineers who have developed the way we communicate and continue to maintain this lifeline for all of us.

We pray for those who are isolated and are living alone, who find it so hard to be contained indoors and have so much energy to expel, so much anxiety to overcome, bring them Your calm, Your peace that they might find strength to keep going.

We pray for those coping with excited youngsters, where all is constant noise and movement and a need to be entertained, may they find a moment of calm for themselves. 

We pray now for all those who are ill for whatever reason, for their families and friends who worry and wait. We think especially of all those who mourn and ask that You hold them in the Palm of Your Hand.

We ask in the name of Jesus our Saviour and Lord.


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