I painted my “solar cabin” which is really a potting shed but you can imagine no potting is done in it, instead there are chairs and two small tables [to put my cup of coffee on] and plenty of space for books and the laptop. It is in effect my “writing cabin” and I have written most of my weekly thoughts and magazine articles from here. 

Anyway, back to the point, I painted the outside of the cabin and if you have done something similar you will understand the feeling when you start out with good intentions and find out quite quickly that it was not as much fun as I thought. I had all the equipment, paste brush and a narrow brush for the windows, an old stick to stir the paint, the paint in a big tub [enough to finish the Forth Bridge] and plenty of cardboard [ I have loads of that, who hasn’t in this time of on-line shopping]. The plan was that the cardboard would stop the drips on the patio which worked 75% of the time and a good flat piece to work as a window guard which worked 99% of the time. 

Everything went pretty well, until I found that I could only reach about 80% of the way up the window frames and nowhere near the top fascia boards. I am hopeless on ladders and manage the first rung but no further and leaning against the large panes of glass did not seem a great idea. Time to think again and search my memory banks. Years ago, when my late mother and myself painted the ceiling we had the same problem neither of us were good at ladders so we used long handled paint brushes. You could not buy such things then or now but you can improvise; a broom shaft, the paint brush and strong tape [carpet tape was all I had] and it worked fine, problem solved.

Just one, well two wee problems the “paint brush” got a bit out of control and I managed to dab two splodges of paint on the upper part of two windows. Too high to clean off they are still there and not too noticeable if you look at the cabin from a distance. From the inside one splodge look like a rather ephemeral picture of a Wren and the other is just like a very angry penguin!! 

I have tried to make the best of difficult situations and kept persevering until the job was done and I always try to see the best in every situation and that is part of the Christian attitude is it not? Trying to see the best in every thing and every one, trying to make the best out of difficult situations, persevering when all seems a bit too difficult, always in the strength of the Lord. 

Paul wrote this to the Roman Christians:-

“because we know that suffering produces perseverance;perseverance, character; and character, hope.And hope does not put us to shame.” [Romans ch5 v 3 – 5]

They were quite frankly under persecution and they braved daily life as followers of Jesus. Paul was talking to them about the need to be positive in their Faith even in such dangerous circumstances.  Yet they persevered and gained strength and added converts to their community and grew and flourished, and from the small early church the Christian faith was eventually spread throughout the world. 

People could see the faith which held people together, which sustained them in the most terrible times. People could see the different way of life, a life lived with kindness and a care for others at the core, where forgiveness and compassion for all people was paramount. Not just for their own Christian group of believers but for everyone around them, whether they were helpful or a hindrance or openly persecuted the young church.

It is no less a lesson for us as a church, to persevere in faith, to hold that vision of a flourishing church, to be positive at all times. When we get back together again, there will be difficulties and problems to solve, there will be people to support and help in our community who have suffered during the “Lock Down” and who will need help in getting out and about again. Maybe as a church we will host “Getting out and about afternoons” where people start getting used to being with others and start talking again. New ways of serving will certainly be part of the church’s role in the future. So we Persevere in the Faith, striving forward to serve Jesus in this community, overcoming difficulties and always going in the Strength of God. AMEN



Grant us perseverance in our Faith journey, aid us when our footsteps falter and be with us while we come through this time of Pandemic to the bright new tomorrow. You have Plans for each one of us, for the Church in our area, for the Christian Faith nationally and internationally. We place ourselves in Your care and keeping, resting ourselves in Your Love.

The difficulties we face seem overwhelming at times, and we can be tempted to Despair but lift us up O Lord help us to see the path ahead and the wonder of Your Glory. 

We remember in our prayers now, those who are suffering in mind, spirit or body through worry or isolation or anxieties. We think of those desperate to see and hug loved ones, who are desperate to get out and about more, who need hospital treatment and those who are grieving this day. We place each one in Your Loving Care.

We ask in the strong name of Jesus our Saviour and Lord,


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