You can donate to the church on-line via the Church of Scotland Website if you have not thought about doing so before. 

How to do this is to access the Church of Scotland Website and on the home page you will see a red box with the word DONATE on it. 

Click this box and it will take you through the process. 

You will be given an option to donate to the Church of Scotland generally or to a specific church.

If you want to donate to Condorrat Church you need to click on to the church box, you will be asked to type in the name of the church and you have to type in CUMBERNAULD:CONDORRAT in this particular way and this will mean that any donation will be passed on to us.

You are then prompted to specify how much and if a one-off donation or if it is monthly.

You will then be directed to PAYPAL and if you do not have an account then they will take you through the process of starting an account.

There will be final confirmation etc. 

I hope that this is helpful but do remember that you can set up a Standing Order at your own bank and you can get the details from our treasurer Mrs Kenny by phoning her on  01236 732377.

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