you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house[a] to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ”   [1 Peter ch2 v5]

Never before has this phrase of Peter’s had such significance and truth. The church portrayed not as a building but as the body of believers, a Worshipping Community. Scattered maybe for a time but ready to be formed in worship when we can come together. As “Living Stones”, we ensure that though the church building is closed – the church is definitely not.

In fact, it has never been so open and wide-spread as it has in these days of Pandemic. Each one of you reading this and those connected with the church in any way are the, “Living Stones”. We carry out our Faith in practice with neighbourly concern and support. Holding on to our faith and trust through all the different aspects of the COVID 19 Lockdown. Fearful and frustrated at first, then, living a life which feels like a month of Sundays, each day leading into the next with no real sense of time, realising how much we had taken for granted. Moving into the concerns about what life will be like when we do come together. Looking forward with no clear idea of what means. Zoomed out and needing a break from technology.

We have all been through so much together in these shared experiences and have so much to talk about when we do get out and about. What has remained constant during all this is the constant Strength and Love of God sustaining and supporting us in different ways which are both comforting and reassuring. The miracle of the Television unequivocally providing church services on Sunday morning and the many services on the web allowing people to worship whenever they want and to tap into God not just on a Sunday.

We will come out of this stronger in our faith, having had the time to reflect on our relationship with God which for many will have become stronger. As “Living Stones” we have shown what faith is and does for people. As “Living Stones” we have the opportunity to take time to pray for those around us and situations in our own area. Time to come close to God and to see Him at work in the everyday Blessings.

As Living Stones we are built on the one foundation Jesus Christ our Lord who is the source of all our hopes and happiness. He has brought us close to God and always points to God so that we may fully understand His Power and through Jesus we are made receivers of His Spiritual Blessings.

So take heart all you “Living Stones” out there, you have a Living God who loves you and cares for you, gathering His Living Stones into a community with loving care. Physically we are apart but spiritually we are bonded together. We shall get through this time and we shall gather again and be the Living Church ready to look outwards and forwards with God’s help in whom we put our trust.


Loving and Almighty God,

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.”

You remain the constant in our lives and we thank and praise You,

You are the Loving Guide to our feet and Lamp to our path,

For this we thank and praise you.

We may be scattered stones but as living stones we form the church,

For your help in this, we praise and thank you.

For all the good things we have taken for granted, we praise and thank you

Lord we pray for those in distress through illness or in mourning

Comfort them with Your Healing Love

We pray for our neighbourhood and all those we know are in need of prayer

Strengthen them with Your Courage to face the changes ahead.

We pray for the church in our area, may there be such a flourishing,

Lead us in that forward motion so that all may know of Your Glory.

We ask in Jesus name 


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