“And I will be with you always, to the end of the age.” [Matthew ch 28 v20]

We journeyed down today from Kirriemuir to Condorrat on what turned out to be a marvellous day. The sunshine behind us, so, no glare and managing to see all the way. No Lorries so the A9 was at its best and even got through Perth without too much hassle. It was the sunshine and the scenery and having the time to come down which made it so special and the wonder of Creation just shouted out the Glory of God.

Strange thing too when we did get down it was as if we had never been away. The Manse looked as if I had left it yesterday and it took no time to get organised and get the kettle on. What was marvellous was the welcome I received, a card, phone call from friends, a lovely wee tub of Violas. All a lovely surprise and I had forgotten that people would be glad to see us both.

It was strange coming back because I was so worried that everything would be so strange and I thought that I would find it hard to settle. Instead it was like putting on a familiar and very comfortable cardigan and soon I was back to my life here with no problems.

I think that for many there is that hesitancy regarding going out and about. A worry that what we knew would never be the same again, a worry about going out to places where there are so many people around. We worry about the Church because to start with the services will not be the same until restrictions lift. However, we step out in faith, find our way as we go ahead and putting our faith in the Loving God who cares for us.

This time will not last for ever, the restrictions will not last for ever, and we will make the best of worshipping together as we can and it will be a joy to come together. Yes we may be hesitant and not sure how we will feel, worried that things will be so strange that they will never be the same again. Though I do believe it may be similar to the feelings that I had about coming back to the Manse, and we may experience the same relief to find there are similarities in the Church with all the memories it holds which will be a comfort to each one of us. 

Throughout the two thousand years of Christianity the followers of Jesus have faced the most trying and difficult of times and have persevered through persecution and being scattered to the ends of the earth. What has kept each generation going especially those under attack of some kind is the promise of Jesus found in the last few verses of the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus promised that He would be with His people wherever they journeyed to and in whatever circumstance they found themselves in.

My wee journey down the A9 today was in no way a major event, but, the Lord was with us especially when someone pulled out right in front of me on the A9 and through the Grace of God and my quick reactions we avoided an accident. All journeys are journeys of faith, where we put all out faith in the vehicle we are in and the other drivers on the road. A prayer before leaving certainly helped me because it helps to calm the mind and be prepared for way ahead. Therefore, for all our journeys whether short walks or long hauls we do well to remember who journeys with us and in whom we put our trust.



Each one of us is on the journey of life, moving at a pace set by You where there is a time for everything under the sun.

Each one of us is loved by You and on our personal journey You walk beside us and support us in Your own way, not as we want but as we need.

Each one of us places our life in Your hands as we move on and we pray for the time when we can come together in Worship and find that Comfort and Peace which only You can give.

Our hearts long for You and that sense of Presence found when we gather together in Jesus name.

Journey today Lord with those in Beirut who are mourning the loss of so many and so much. We pray for those who have gone to help and for compassion on those afflicted.

Journey today Lord with those who have lost their jobs and way of life, we pray that new work can be found, that support is given when needed and that You give courage and strength to those in need.

Journey today Lord with those who are ill, in hospital or home, for those facing difficult treatment and for those who care for them in any way. Bless the healers of this world.

We thank You for Your loving care for us and we place ourselves in Your care and Keeping,

We ask in Jesus name,


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