Sunday thought 16.08.2020

The Lord protects his people; He defends and saves his chosen king.
Save your people, Lord, and bless those who are yours.
Be their shepherd and take care of them forever. “  [Psalm 28 v8-9]

The Shepherd leads His flock making sure that they find good pasture, safety on their constant journey, security in rest and sometimes the Shepherd carries the vulnerable for as long as it takes. I find a lot of comfort from this Psalm where God is likened to a Shepherd, the Carer and Leader and Protector of His people. 

He is the strength upon whom we lean and more and more we are coming to realise that life is becoming complicated and we need God as much now as we did a few months ago when fervent prayers were sent up for help and protection. We need Him in a different way as we find our way around the restrictions and make the day to day decisions about going out or meeting up.

God is constant, He has been with us, He is with us and He will be with us as we move forward in faith. As we pray in Faith, then we rejoice in Hope. The Hope we find in loving the Lord our God, in knowing Jesus our Saviour and in listening to the Holy Spirit our guide. God does not let us down and He has His people always in His heart.

Look at the Psalm again, a Psalm of David who has learned that God would always save His people and David encourages everyone with these words in verse 8. For in saving the king God also saves the nation, in the phrase “God save the King” is included “God save the people”. All then are included in God’s Saving Grace, there is no one too important or too lowly that He does not have a care for.

A comfort for many I hope, I know that David the King lived a long time ago but his words still speak to us today. God will bring us through our transitional stage in the church when we open up in a different way with many restrictions to overcome. Yet overcome them we will and with our faith and hope in the Lord we will manage.

He will fill up our souls with His great power, He will lift us up out of our troubles, lift us up to a vision of His Glorious Kingdom. Bring all of us through the days ahead and give strength when needed, courage when needed, support when needed when we ask in faithful prayer. For those who pray in faith might rejoice in Hope.

We rejoice in our faith and in our future and the fact that we can move forward even though they are small steps we are taking just now. We rejoice that we have a faith which sustains us and which brings us closer to God. We rejoice that we have Jesus our saviour who is ever present and all powerful and holds His Church in His Hands. We rejoice in the Holy Spirit who guides and supports us in so many ways. So much to give thanks for and so much to look forward to. How Good is our God that He blesses all of His people and Has only our best interests at heart.



How great You are, You are our Rock and our Strength and an ever present help in all kinds of trouble and we turn to You this day in all Faith and Hope.

You have Blessed us in the past and we did not always realise how great Your blessing was. In the loveliness of our Sanctuary, in the fellowship of believers, in the joy of song and prayer together.

Today we come before You to pray for those in need of prayer, for the people involved in the train crash, for the folk who have lost a loved one so quickly and in the midst of everyday life. For those injured in mind as well as in body, for all those who rushed to help.

We pray for those caught up in disaster especially the people of Beirut and ask for Your comfort in their time of distress.

We pray for those in the world dealing with Covid 19 with few or no resources and pray for help to reach those desperately in need.

We pray for our own community and all those whom we know are in need of prayer, the lonely, the sick, the anxious, comfort all those who mourn.

Hold each one in the Palm of Your Hand.

We ask in Jesus name,


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