Let Your Kingdom come, Let Your Will be done, as in heaven, so also on earth” [Matthew ch6 v 10]

We in church are more used to saying, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. We use these age-old words, the traditional words which have been said for so many years and which binds us to the past. To those who have used these words for worship for centuries. I have taken the quote above from the N.I.V. and perhaps it gives us a reminder of what these words mean. 

Let us look at the first phrase “Let Your Kingdom come”.  We remember that Jesus [and John the Baptist before Him] preached the coming of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom has partially arrived in the presence of the Messiah yet there is more to come at the end of the age when Jesus will come again. 

In this way we live in the now but not yet, it takes a bit of getting used to that thought. In prayer we acknowledge that there is a Kingdom of God and as His subjects we follow the Way of the Kingdom. That is, we follow the teachings and commands of Jesus, for example, To love God with all our heart and all our minds and our neighbour as ourselves. These are not some sort of vague guidelines but a way of life and a way of thinking. In our modern times we are aware of living with Kingdom values in our everyday life, yet also aware that more is yet to come on the return of Jesus in all His Glory.

Let us turn to the phrase, “Let Your will be done”, there is little point in praying for God’s Will to be done, unless we are willing to do that. To pray for guidance is something we often do, and the trick is to wait for the answer, which not come right away or in the way we expect. 

As Christians we have the responsibility to proclaim the Good News and pray for the Good News to be embraced by all people, all the folk around us not just those of faraway lands. It is easier to think of mission as going out somewhere else and supporting that to be the work of “missionaries” struggling with the people and culture of other places. Yet to be honest, “mission” is looking round about us and reaching out to all people in our area. It could be in a small way with the churches opening which sends a message of Hope to the neighbourhood and reminds everyone that the church is still alive and well. It could be that each one of us could pray for the people within our neighbourhood, maybe, even for everyone who passes our window on a certain time of day. 

I am sure that many churches have looked at themselves and have appreciated more and more how important it is to reach out locally. During the lock down many have connected through online services or web site reflections and may decide to keep going with this method of worshipping. This meansthat having established these connections it will be wise to keep them going even once all goes back to normal. Not everyone will want to attend a service with a lot of other people or enter a large building as for some, this could be intimidating. For others having a busy life means no hope of attending a service on a Sunday but can find time through the week to take that time out to be in the presence of God. In that way they can still feel part of the body of the church. 

We all have a different way of looking at doing God’s Will, but each has their own talent and their own abilities to use as best they can. God does not give us a task that we cannot bear, even if you are unsure, God will always be with you. I have found this in my own experience of serving God and doing His Will even when I was not so sure how things were going to work out. I have found that if it comes from God then it works. May God Bless you as you pray to Him and take time to listen to His Plan for you, always going in His Strength.



Our Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift and privilege of prayer. 

Thank You that we have access to Your throne of grace, for help in time of need. 

You alone are worthy of our grateful thanks and praise, for this unparalleled wonder and mercy. 

Renew in us an increasing desire to know You more, and to love You better, with each passing day. 

Instil in us a deepening desire to linger in Your presence and to praise You unceasingly,

in spirit and truth. 

And develop in our hearts an attitude of worshipful prayer,

so that our relationship with You, becomes the essential essence of our very life on earth. 

May we hear Your Call to us to do Your Will wherever we are and in whatever way you direct us.

Hear us Merciful God as we pray for others in the world and in within our knowledge.

We pray for those in countries with few resources struggling with Covid 19 and ask that agents of care may get through to them.

We pray for peace in the world that the peacemakers may be heard and may be Blessed

We pray for our neighbourhood, for those we see every day and are part of the fabric of everyday life. May Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done that they might find Peace in their hearts. That they might find a way of worshipping which works for them.

We ask in Jesus name.


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