“How wonderful are the things the Lord does!  All who are delighted with them want to understand them.”  Ps. 111:2

On January 20th 2021, the world witnessed a new President of the United States of America take office.  Whatever one’s political leanings, it’s true to say that leadership and authority had been lacking in America the two weeks prior to the inauguration ceremony with the storming of Capitol Hill by pro-Trump supporters and white supremacists.  It is by no means certain but it can be presumed that many American citizens were shocked and saddened by the scenes of disrespect and anarchy, as many first world countries were.  

The Coronavirus Pandemic has shown various forms of leadership in many countries – some for the better, some not so.  Notwithstanding the pandemic, we live in a world where lots of people, organisations and religions claim to be right and to speak with authority.  It can be very confusing and makes people wary of believing in anything.

Our reading today, combined with Mark 1:21ff tells us, as Christians, that ultimate authority and leadership can be found in God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Only he can be trusted to show us true leadership.   We though, for our part, must take time to understand him by reading the Bible, praying and asking for his help to understand him.  As it says in Ps. 111:2, “all who are delighted with them want to understand them (the things the Lord does).”  This is not just a passing phase to while away time between one thing and another or because we’re bored due to lockdown, this is an ongoing, life-long wish to understand God better and, in turn, see his leadership and authority in all things.  

This is not just a blind study though, taking things at face value and accepting them.  This is about studying God’s Word, reading around it, putting things into context and listening for God in amongst it all.  The Psalm goes on to say “In all he does he is faithful and just; all his commands are dependable.  They last for all time; they were given in truth and righteousness.”  Ps. 111:7-8.  What leader in our world today can say that! 

Take heart from God’s Word.  Jesus was given the authority to order out evil spirits from a man leaving him at peace.  Allow God authority over your life and find peace with him.


“My Jesus, my Saviour, Lord, there is none like you.  All of my days I want to praise the wonders of your mighty love.  My comfort, my shelter, tower of refuge and strength, let every breath, all that I am, never cease to worship you.  Shout to the Lord, all the earth, let us sing, power and majesty, praise to the King.  Mountains bow down and the seas will roar at the sound of your name.  I sing for joy at the work of  your hands, for ever I’ll  love you, forever I’ll stand.  Nothing compares to the promise I have in you.”

Darlene Zschech

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