Later, when the child was old enough, she took him to the king’s daughter, who adopted him as her own son. She said to herself, “I pulled him out of the water, and so I name him Moses.”Exodus 2 v 10

Maybe some of you of a certain age will remember the story of Moses found in the Nile by a Princess of the ruling house of Egypt. Maybe you coloured in the pictures or collected the stickers. It is such an evocative picture of a strange and wonderful event. For those who have no idea what I am talking about it is the story of the Birth of Moses at a time when the Pharoah had decreed that all the male Hebrew babies should be killed. If you wish to know more of this event you will find it in the 1st and 2nd chapter of Exodus in the Old Testament.

It brings to our mind not only the love of a mother for her child but also the loving care of an adoptive mother for the boy. Both were taking a massive risk in saving and bringing him up, the mother in defying the Pharoah by ensuring that he is kept a secret and by placing him in a basket and sending him down the Nile. Not just anywhere but in a way that he would most likely to be seen by someone who would help, and she sent her daughter to watch what would happen. The mother taking a huge leap of faith and exhibiting huge, risky, love to make sure her son survives. Sending him out in the hope that God would look after him.

The Princess of the narrative also took a risk in adopting the boy and taking him to her home in the Palace. She must have known her father’s orders, what she should have done was to send the basket elsewhere but the call of the baby touched her heart. She was a mother to that baby in a different way and in so doing ensured by her support and thoughtfulness that the boy grew up in a safe environment. She also took the risk that she would not incur the wrath of her father and have to pay the consequences.

A mother’s love identified in different ways who combined to help and nurture a young man who in time carried out God’s Plan and saved his people from slavery. In the Moses narrative a mother’s love then is demonstrated by many different people in many different ways. The coming together of Moses mother and the Princess was an unlikely alliance it crossed the boundaries of culture and beliefs, yet it showed the nurturing care and nature found in mothering, it also showed the risks and sacrifices people make for their children.

The picture we have of motherhood reflects God’s Love for all of his people across all boundaries. It reflects the non-judgemental Love which nurtures all despite their circumstances in life. If the picture we have of mothering is worthy of praise then how much more worthy of praise is God whose love for us is stronger even than that of a mother for her child. The story of Moses and the two women who saved him despite the dangerous circumstances, employing risky love reflects in a small way the Love of God for each one of us.

His Love might be seen as risky from our perspective, sending His Son as a vulnerable baby into the world, leaving Him in charge of a poor family. Leaving Him to find His way and followers, leading Him to the sacrifice on the cross. Yet God was always in charge and Jesus made His choice and His Way fully aware of the sacrifice that He would make.

God’s Love is infinitely more than we can ever imagine, it never works in a way that we could expect and surprises us at all times. He lifts us up when we feel down because He knows us so well and knows what cheers us, He gives us strength because He knows our inner heart and when we are feeling afraid even when we will not admit it. He gives us Hope when we falter and Comfort when we despair. Glory be to God and to Him be all Praise. 


Loving Lord,

Your Love is constant, patient, all- encompassing and we give our thanks and praise.

We thank You this day for Mothers all around the world and we pray specially for those struggling 

with all the difficulties that motherhood brings, particularly in this time of Pandemic.

We thank You this day for all those who help and support others in a kind and nurturing way.

May we build our house on the corner stone of Jesus, reflecting Your Love in all that we think and 

say and do.

We ask in Jesus name AMEN

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