sunday thought 21.03.2021

They came to Jericho, and as Jesus was leaving with his disciples and a large crowd, a blind beggar named Bartimaeus son of Timaeus was sitting by the road. 47 When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout, “Jesus! Son of David! Have mercy on me!” [Mark ch10 v46-47]

We are nearing the end of our Lenten Journey and we look forward to Easter and the end of Lent on the Saturday night before Easter. Then just as the wanderer catches sight of home, we catch sight now of our Journeys end with a sense of satisfaction in having undergone our Faith Journey.

On the way we have looked at ourselves, thought about our motives, considered where there might be changes in our lives, given up something, or, taken up something. Now in these final days where we venture closer to the events of Holy Week, we become more intense as we journey with Jesus and imagine the scenes and marvel at His determination. Giving thanks for all that He has done for us as we become more aware of what Jesus had given up for us.

For Jesus also was coming to the end of His Journey to Jerusalem and the Cross. It was a bitter-sweet time as He moved onwards while His Followers around rejoiced in His presence, not fully aware of His intentions and not listening to His warnings. They heard His words and warnings but did not take in the meaning because no-one wanted to believe that the worst would happen. So, they followed in Hope and in Faith.

Mark tells us about the Compassion of Jesus as He travelled on the road having “set His face” towards Jerusalem and aware of what was to come. Jesus stopped, He stopped and looked round and took notice of the poor man on the edge of things. Despite whatever else was going on and how much was on the Lord’s mind, He stopped. He never missed the opportunity to do good, to help those in need and He specially looked kindly towards those who seemed the least likely to be noticed.

More than that He listened and then called Bartimaeus over the hubbub of voices around. The people who had tried to silence Bartimaeus were now the ones who had to part the ways to allow him through. Those who had jeered had to change their tune as they became aware of the honour that Jesus was conferring on Bartimaeus. Jesus calls all people to Him, those that are on the margins of society, those that others have “written off” as of no use, even those whose voice some would like to suppress. But Jesus heard and He responded in the only way He knew how, with Compassion and Love.

He hears everyone who calls to Him no matter how faint and wearied that call is, He takes time to listen and to act. Bartimaeus was healed and was able to see once more and that could have been the end of their encounter but there was so much more. The healed man now had the opportunity to go where he wanted, to make his own way in life. He chose to follow Jesus and to glorify God for all that was done for Him. It behoves all of us to give Thanks to God for all that we have, for all the gifts given to us, for all the Blessings of life.

As we contemplate our faith journey, we remember that Jesus stopped to help even when He was on a difficult journey, when His mind would be on other things. Even then, He stopped to listen and to help, His Love is so great it does not miss any opportunity. May we as we make out own way towards Good Friday and Easter find the time to reach out to others and to continue to offer our help where and when it is needed. Either in a practical way or through our prayer for others in our daily devotions, especially for those who are marginalised or desperately in need of prayer. AMEN


Loving God, we have journeyed through Lent with the end in sight, in all things Honouring You and Glorifying Your Name.

We Thank You that there is always Hope for those who call to You in distress, no matter the circumstances.

We Thank You for the example of Jesus who stopped to listen even at when His Journey was going to prove more and more difficult. He never passed by the one in need.

May we ever learn from this example and reach out in every circumstance no matter how difficult it may seem,

We pray for all those who are marginalised and who feel on the edge of society, for all those in our family and neighbourhood and especially for all those in need of prayer and now we think of them and lift them up before You.

Loving Father of us all, bring comfort to those who mourn, sustain those who are ill and receiving treatment, give courage to the anxious and fearful and grant them all Your Peace.

We ask in Jesus name. AMEN

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