“After the Sabbath, as Sunday morning was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. Suddenly there was a violent earthquake; an angel of the Lord came down from heaven, rolled the stone away, and sat on it.”  [Matthew 28 : 1 – 2]

The Tomb was empty, Jesus was alive, and resurrected fully, able to move around as He wished and go wherever He wanted. No-one seemed to be able or willing to stop Him from visiting whom He wanted to see nor doing what He wanted to do. The guards at the Tomb trembled and were so scared that they looked as if they had died. Of course, they would have to answer for to their superiors as to why Jesus managed to leave the Tomb and that was frightening enough but to witness the Stone being rolled away and an Angel, it was all too much for them.

It was all too much for the women as well, you can imagine what would be going through their heads, did someone steal the body? Did the authorities plan some further indignity on Jesus in His death? What could have happened? The truth imparted by the Angel was so fantastic and so wonderful, and so against anything that they could imagine. They must have been terrified yet exhilarated all at once. The Good News was too good to be kept to themselves and they gladly ran to tell the others.

That first Easter Morn there was so much to Celebrate, no-one quite knew what to make of it, or even understood it at first. In time after Jesus had visited His Disciples and spoke to them and showed them that He was real, they understood and found comfort and strength from Him. Yet this comfort and strength was not only for them but for all of us as we too Celebrate the Empty Tomb. The knowledge that Jesus is always with us and that He leads us to a better life, and a better way of life.

Not a magic wand existence where what we could wish for comes true because we are Christian. That doesn’t work because we don’t earn “Brownie Points” with God, He is much more interested in our depth of faith and just how much we love Him. As we find ourselves coming closer to Jesus, we feel encouraged to know Him and in doing so we want to do our best at all times for Him. It seems to be the side effect if you like of getting to know Jesus, where His Goodness rubs off on all of us. 

It is a time of Celebration for the Church as we remember that Jesus conquered death and is alive and shall be evermore. We cannot do all the things that we used to in the Sanctuary, we cannot decorate as we had done, and of course we cannot transform the Cross with Daffodils. No singing yet but we will hear the organ play the familiar tunes which brings back so many memories. 

What we can do is to love the Lord in all that we do, we can enjoy the Presence of God in the Sanctuary, we can worship with Joy in our hearts. There is always the Hope in all that we do that one day we shall be able to do all the things we mis so much. We have Jesus in our lives and that is a wonderful thing to know and a wonderful thing to have, all the power, all the love, all the care. In this we know that we are not alone and that is the greatest of comfort to us. 


Loving Father,

We Thank You for the beauty for Spring, the wonder of new life,

For all the colours, the freshness, the greenery of nature.

We praise you for this day of Celebration, for the Joy of Easter,

A Joy which lifts our hearts, and for the Hope,

The wonderful Hope of Eternal Life found in Jesus.

Our ever-present help in every time of trouble.

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty,

Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

We pray in Jesus name.


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