He also said, “This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how. All by itself the soil produces grain—first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head”  [Mark 4 v 26-28

Following the floral theme from last week, I thought of a different flower, not one found in the Bible but one which can help us to think about the wonder and Glory of God. It is the bright and beautiful Sunflower with its’ cheerful yellow petals and seeds which give it a Happy Face. These flowers are famous for the marvellous height they reach in growth, the fact that they follow the sun throughout the day, and the flowers seem to last for so long. This fantastic flower which typifies the best of summer shouts to us of the wonder of Creation.

Perhaps though the true wonder of the flowers is when they have passed, and the petals drop leaving us with the seeds. What a bounty they are, they can be used in so many ways and for the benefit of humanity as well as the natural world. The seeds are used to feed birds and there is no greater joy than to watch the activity of garden birds at a bird feeder. All the different types brought together and all the antics they get up to, much better than watching TV. Watching nature has been proved to very helpful for calming us down and giving us a sense of well-being, how wonderful is that. Small seeds attracting birds and giving us some happiness in everyday life.

We have made use of seeds in baking and the way they have been constructed means that when pressed, they give up their oil and that is made much use of in our everyday life. So far, the small seeds pack a big punch. Though that is not why the flower develops the seeds in the first place, it is for their benefit to maintain the next generation and that is where the real miracle works, when planted back in soil, out of sight.

Just look at a sunflower seed, a bit like a pretty shaped bead, yet within it there lies a secret code which triggers off growth and which is the format for the new plant. The DNA of the plant is the format a bit like a “Bar-Code” and this is read by Polymerase to form the different instructions to form the new plant. I have to tell you that the complexities of Cell Life and Growth is an amazing miracle, and you would hardly believe that such major events could occur in such a small seed which looks so dead. Yet all works away quietly and hidden, and growth follows its course when placed in fertile soil.

Consider the Bible Reading at the top, growth takes place, and it takes place on its own volition. In this Jesus is saying that the seed of Christianity can be planted but the growth can take a long time and will no doubt be hidden. It will be inevitable though and one day the fruit of the Spirit will show. The Spirit of God may reach someone’s heart through a word said from a Christian. 

This seed once sown might take time to work on a person and will only make a difference after time, as a seed grows under the soil so a thought and a sense of needing God grows slowly in some hearts. So never be dismayed as a Christian when talking to someone about the Christian Faith. The seed needs only to be planted, God will provide the growth in His Time and in His Way and that Way will be perfect. GLORY BE TO GOD.


Loving Lord,

We are amazed once more by the intricacies and wonder of nature and Your Creation,

You wrap each mystery of life in such ordinary things such as a humble tiny seed,

You hold the Power of Growth in Your Hand, 

Growth of the Human Heart, where we come to know You more fully,

Where a Seed of Faith planted by a Saint of the Church so long ago,

Comes to fruition within us when we recognise Your Loving Care for us.

We thank You for the Spiritual Growth in our lives, and in the lives of so many,

May we spread the seeds of Faith as we go about our daily business,

Secure in the knowledge that You will manage Growth in Your own time.

We ask in Jesus name.


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