The most lovely place that I have been to recently was on holiday to St. Andrews in a wee cottage called “Burnside” for obvious reasons. It was right beside a lovely wee burn which ran just next to the garden. It was a delight to sit out there and listen to the burn gurgling and chattering over the stones. The beauty of the sound was so soothing and a perfect backdrop to sitting quietly either reading a good book, or, simply doing nothing.

I love that part of the story of “The Adventures of Winnie the Poo” when Christopher Robin explains what doing nothing means, – when grown-ups ask you what are you going to do and I reply, nothing, then I go and do it. Doing nothing allows us to potter about with no real plan in mind. When we go out and about we always do so with a purpose with an agenda, or, at least a time constraint. Having to be here there and everywhere piles on the pressure whether we realise it or not. 

Doing nothing means allowing what is called, “Blue Sky Thinking”, where the impossible idea is brought to mind. Where the unthinkable is contemplated and the ideal can be put into some kind of context.  Doing nothing allows us to take time off from a busy schedule or the agendas, or the time constraints we place upon ourselves. Yes, I know you are sitting there saying to yourself, all very well but families and school and helping out and work all drive these and are necessary to our daily lives, or have crept into our lives and we cannot now leave them.

However, any doctor or good friend will tell us that at some time we have to stop and take time for ourselves. Finding the happy place to be away from the bustle even in the garden or in a walk round the neighbourhood does the heart good. Even better though is to let the mind go and allow a meander through daft ideas or different ideas. Think of the best-case scenario instead of the worst –  case which usually dogs our thoughts. Be positive and conjure up beautiful images of the world, what is your perfect place if you could find it?

How about thinking of the divine, that would give us time to be at peace, try to imagine the Heavenly Hill which the Psalms speak of. Better still, how about walking along the shore of Lake Galilee, listening to the ebb and flow of the waves? If you  have a favourite image, parable, or event in the Bible. Why not bring it to life in your mind and think of the surroundings and the beauty of the earth wherever Jesus walked. How lovely is that? 

All these thoughts and meditations rest the souls as well the body and who knows in your “Blue Sky Thinking”, you may just come with something really ground – breaking in your daily life or your devotional life. Any time thinking about the Lord is time well spent, any time thinking about something completely different is refreshing to the mind. So let us try this week to do nothing at some point and see where it takes us.



Loving God,

We take time out to do nothing except think good thoughts and dream fine dreams.

We take time to think of You and Your Glory, of the wonder of Your Creation,

In all circumstances we give thanks for everything we have.

Help us to take time out to think of the positive in order to diminish the negative.

Help us to take time to see the best – case scenario in life 

So that we do not try to look ahead too far and so worry ourselves unnecessarily.

We give our thanks to You that we have imagination which can be put to good use.

We ask these things in Jesus Name.


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