I know who holds the future, 

And He’ll guide me with His Hand

With God things don’t just happen

Everything by Him is planned.

Give to Him my all  [part of chorus of hymn 269 of MP]

The Big Picture is what God has in front of Him and we go about our lives not ever completely understanding the reason why certain things go the way they are. Sometimes looking back we find that we can make sense of events, but only when we take everything we learn about life into account. 

Thinking of this idea of the Big Picture reminded me of a Jigsaw where small pieces are linked together to help us to build up an image. These pieces on their own don’t make a lot of sense and they need to be set out perhaps working the outside edges first to find the framework, then matching up the colours. We find that the light colours have darker pieces attached to them than we thought, and we find that the darkness helps to define the object.

Jigsaws are not just for one person to solve; a whole family can get together, and it can be fun. Never mind a whole family, how about a whole church working on a jigsaw, how much fun could that be? A lot apparently because a Minister did do that, and it caused a lot of interest and quite a bit of binding people together in one purpose.

Do you remember Marion who was our Assistant Auxilliary Minister for a while? She worked also as a Locum for different Churches in the area and she had a great idea. One year she found two Jigsaw Puzzles of the Nativity Scene took them along to the two churches she was working with in October and challenged them to complete the Puzzle for Christmas.

Every Sunday morning as people arrived, they took time to place a piece of the Jigsaw, some found time to do quite a bit as it got addictive. They result brought people together with a common purpose yet it was lighthearted and caused chatter and a sense working together. It taxed some as it was not always obvious where all the blue would fit in. But as each part of the Nativity Scene emerged from the chaos of the mixture of shapes and colours, there was a sense of achievement. 

It was also a visual reminder of that part of the narrative of the Nativity, the Shepherds, the Wise Men, the Holy Family and the Child in the Manger. The Nativity came to life in front of everyone and it brought a new sense of excitement as they looked froward to celebrating the Birth of the Saviour.

An ordinary, rather humble Jigsaw which had so much to it, bringing the faith Community together, providing a space for fellowship and people getting to know one another. The Big Picture [which was completed on time and displayed on Christmas Day] which was God’s Saving Plan for the worldwas displayed and Glory given to God in a new and different way.

We do not know the Big Picture but we can trust God to know and we can trust in His infinite mercy to guide us through the dark times into the lighter and better times. We can trust Him to be there for us and to hold us in His Loving Arms piecing back those who have been broken in life. We can trust in Him as He provides the fellowship with the Holy Spirit interlocking with us as the pieces in the puzzle interlock to give a fuller picture. We can trust Him because He sent us Jesus Christ to be our Saviour who shows us the way to a righteous life.




We love You for Your goodness towards us, for the gifts You have given us and the generous way You treat each one of us.

We thank you for fellowship and friendship, for our families and fellow Christians who support us in everyday lives and in our faith journey.

We thank you for the darkness and the light of our lives, for tending to us and guiding us away from danger, some of which we don’t even recognise. 

We give thanks for piecing us back together when we are saddened or have been afraid, making us stronger in the process.

We thank You for Jesus our Saviour and for the Holy Spirit our companion and our guide.

We ask in Jesus name, ​​AMEN

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