Their father said to them, “If that is how it has to be, then take the best products of the land in your packs as a present for the governor: a little resin, a little honey, spices, pistachio nuts, and almonds. [ Genesis 43 v11]

This extract from Genesis tells of the time of Joseph and his family. As you know Joseph had been sold into slavery by his brothers and had been brought to Egypt where after many adventures, he advanced to an important position in the Pharoah’s household. He was now in charge of the Grain Distribution and dealt with all those who sought help.

His brothers were sent by to buy grain for a second time, and they knew that it would be expensive. They had the money but their father counselled a little kindness in offering the sweetness of the land, including the Honey which was well known as special.

Now this account has led me to find a wee story about little acts of kindness and their effect. Quite a few years ago in a little village church a minister told this story of the Honey to the Children one Sunday Morning. During the following week there was a knock at the minister’s door. When he opened it there stood a little wee lady, laughing and crying, both at the same time.

The minister knew her well as she was a regular church –attender and he knew that she had very little to her name. she was often short of money, never enough for the comforts of life and if truth to be told a little short of friends. without a word she opened her shopping bag and pointed and there on the top of her little bit of sugar and margarine and a tiny packet of tea was a pot of Honey!

This wee soul had been to get her pension, which let’s face it in these days was not very much. She then had gone on to the corner-shop, kept by one of the members of the church. She had packed the rather shabby shopping bag for the wee lady. Then came the great find as she was walking home she looked for her purse in her bag and found the pot of honey, a small gift of kindness. She felt that as she was passing the ministers house that she simply had to tap on the door and tell him what had happened and to recall the text, “ Take with you a little Honey”, and to share her joy.

If the shop-keeper had seen the pleasure which that small kindness had brought to a lonely heart, whose life  and whose meals, were usually dull. 

It does just go to show us that a little kindness goes a long way and can often affect people far more than we will ever know. I pray that as we all go about our lives this week that we can find an opportunity to give a little kindness, no matter how small they are mighty in their effect. 

May God Bless you and Keep you this week/



We thank You for Your kindness to us and the many ways in which You have brought Joy into our lives.

We thank You for the kindness of others, our families and friends and even the kindness of strangers.

Help us, in turn to show a little kindness to others and in doing so to reflect Your love for all.

We ask these things in Jesus Name.  AMEN

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