“During this time a man from the tribe of Levi married a woman of his own tribe, and she bore him a son.  When she saw what a fine baby he was, she hid him for three months.”  Ex.2:1-2

Today is Mothering Sunday.  “Mother’s Day” has perhaps overshadowed it with its’ somewhat mawkish selection of products and wares, in fact everything a mother could need or am I being a little cynical?  When we read of that great Biblical character Moses, we forget who bore him, his mother, and what she went through to protect him.  

The Israelites had been taken into slavery by the Egyptians. Note the first part of the first verse – the O.T. highlights that Moses’ parents were full-blooded Hebrew and from the same tribe.  In other words Moses’ father had kept to God’s instructions and had remained within his own tribe and not intermarried with the Egyptians, hence, Moses could lead his people when older knowing his heritage would not be questioned as his parents had followed, trusted, and held fast to God.

In Exodus 1:22 we also read that Herod had issued a command to throw all newborn Hebrew boys into the Nile, reminiscent of the slaughter of the innocents several hundreds of years later at the time of Jesus’ birth.  Therefore, Moses’ mother was under great duress to keep Moses hidden, a difficult task for any mother when a baby requires feeding, and nurturing.  What horror would be witnessed by his parents if Moses was discovered?

Jochebed, his mother, trusted God to look after him.  Her plan worked.  Putting baby Moses into a reed basket, and, having her older daughter safely watch him from a distance, the daughter of Pharoah spied him in the basket and rescued him, with his own mother being put in charge of his care.  Think of the anguish Jochebed must’ve felt as she laid her baby in the basket worrying if the wrong person would detect his cries.  Her fears and worries were short-lived and her son grew up to be a great leader of God’s people.

Jochebed, and others, had a crucial place in God’s plan of salvation.  She, among others we read of like Esther and Ruth, were brave and prepared to take risks.  Their faith in God is something which should inspire us today.


We thank you, gracious God, that you love us as a mother loves her child – passionately, fiercely, devotedly, wholeheartedly – and that, like a mother, you watch over us every moment of every day, seeking our welfare, concerned about our progress, equipping us for the journey of life.  Lord of love, hear our prayer.  Amen.

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