SUNDAY 14.08.2022

Read “The Walk to Emmaus” in Luke 24 : 13 – 35

Their footprints were going in the wrong direction, away from Jerusalem, away from the other believers and away from all that had happened. They were leaving behind all that had happened, not only the tragedy of the crucifixion but also their hopes and dreams of a New Way of Life, a New Order of things. The powerful Jesus, the Prophet had been seized by men of power and effectively disposed of. where was the power now? where was the Hope? All seemed to be lost so they journey back. A painful journey emotionally, having to go back and face their community.

You can see why they are confused, the reports are that the Tomb is empty, what does that mean? the two argued as they walked along and quietly, their living proof, Jesus started to walk alongside them. He joined them as it was always safer journeying in numbers.

Jesus had looked out for them and had decided to help His followers and He did so personally. This is because not only were they waking in the wrong direction but their thinking was also back to front. They had all the elements of the narrative of Jesus but they saw only despair, they could not see past the crucifixion. How could someone survive the cruelties of the Romans, the sentence placed on Him by the Sanhedrin?

Jesus walked alongside to teach and to show them where they were going wrong. He took time with them, He sought them out, He changed their direction from going away from the right path to set their feet on the right path. When they realised who He was their hearts were lifted, they were shifted from darkness to light, from despair to utter happiness.

There are times in our lives when we go off in the wrong direction spiritually, when, maybe, we lose faith and wander off, or, find the teaching too hard, or even are called to a specific task and find ourselves walking in the opposite direction. It wouldn’t be the first time or the last. Yet in each case, the Lord gets alongside and calls us back, back on to the straight path. He does not shout from on high to condemn, there is no finger pointing, no list of wrongs cast up. Jesus walks alongside to send us out on to the straight path, to make sure our footprints are facing in the right direction. May you gain that sense of Jesus ever with you as you strike out this week on life’s journey.



We thank You that Jesus walks alongside 

and guides us gently on to the right path of life.

we thank You that there is always 

the opportunity to change direction

and be able to walk closer with You.

A walk which gives such peace and comfort and 

The glory of a new direction in life.

We ask in Jesus Name. AMEN