“Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses. “ [Ecclesiates 3 : 1]

This is so true, there is a time for everything, and this is my time to say farewell to the Church here at Condorrat. It is sad but also there is a time for pastures new for myself and for the all of the congregation. I have no real plans for the future because it will take time to settle back home and to work out what I would like to get involved in. 

It will also be hard to leave all the friends I have made in the church and in the community but we can keep in touch and I am sure that I will be back for a bit of shopping now and again. It is difficult to say goodbye as this is such a final word. However, my mind is made up and I feel the call back north very strongly. After all, “My heart is in the highlands”, to quote Robert Burns.

It has been harder and harder to leave my home in the Angus Hills and the peace of that place to drive all the way back down. I love the hills and the country side and the peace and tranquility, especially of my garden.

Though at the moment the garden is not so lovely as it has been neglected this year and that is one of my projects to go back to. Pretty soon I hope that it will be brought into shape by a gardener and then I will have the joy of planting out and looking after the raised beds. There is something so lovely and soul – enhancing about a green space, whether it is our own or walking through a park. 

I always thank God for the wonder of creation and we have all found solace in our gardens especially during covid Lockdown. There was something healing about coming closer to nature and appreciating our surroundings. 

So, as much as I love Condorrat the pull home now is overwhelming. This is my final farewell and I pray for Condorrat Parish Church that you find a new direction and that you all place your trust in God and He will guide through the years to come.


We thank You for the years ahead as we move in new directions,

We place our complete trust in You,

And ask that You always walk with us, guiding and supporting,

Into a future which is hidden from us but which holds excitement and opportunities.

Help us to grasp the opportunities open to us

And may we be broad mined enough to carry everything through.

We ask in Jesus Name,