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News from the Social Group

Following our last meeting we now have definite dates through the year for events so get them in your diary.

Sunday May 7th at 12md – Coronation Lunch (straight after the service)

Saturday May 20th at 11am – Craft Fair and Coffee Morning

Wednesday June 14th at 7.30pm – Shine Youth Group

Saturday October 7th at 12md – Ladies Lunch and Fashion Show at Westerwood Hotel

Saturday November 25th at 12md – Christmas Fayre

We are also hoping we can arrange the ever popular Fish Supper Night for Tuesday 11th April but I do need to confirm price and possibility of delivery so will get back to you all. 

Do please continue to support our Church – we can’t do these events without you.


 “Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses. “ [Ecclesiates 3 : 1]

This is so true, there is a time for everything, and this is my time to say farewell to the Church here at Condorrat. It is sad but also there is a time for pastures new for myself and for the all of the congregation. I have no real plans for the future because it will take time to settle back home and to work out what I would like to get involved in. 

It will also be hard to leave all the friends I have made in the church and in the community but we can keep in touch and I am sure that I will be back for a bit of shopping now and again. It is difficult to say goodbye as this is such a final word. However, my mind is made up and I feel the call back north very strongly. After all, “My heart is in the highlands”, to quote Robert Burns.

It has been harder and harder to leave my home in the Angus Hills and the peace of that place to drive all the way back down. I love the hills and the country side and the peace and tranquility, especially of my garden.

Though at the moment the garden is not so lovely as it has been neglected this year and that is one of my projects to go back to. Pretty soon I hope that it will be brought into shape by a gardener and then I will have the joy of planting out and looking after the raised beds. There is something so lovely and soul – enhancing about a green space, whether it is our own or walking through a park. 

I always thank God for the wonder of creation and we have all found solace in our gardens especially during covid Lockdown. There was something healing about coming closer to nature and appreciating our surroundings. 

So, as much as I love Condorrat the pull home now is overwhelming. This is my final farewell and I pray for Condorrat Parish Church that you find a new direction and that you all place your trust in God and He will guide through the years to come.


We thank You for the years ahead as we move in new directions,

We place our complete trust in You,

And ask that You always walk with us, guiding and supporting,

Into a future which is hidden from us but which holds excitement and opportunities.

Help us to grasp the opportunities open to us

And may we be broad mined enough to carry everything through.

We ask in Jesus Name,



“The helpless call to him, and he answers; he saves them from all their troubles.
His angel guards those who honour the Lord and rescues them from danger. “ [Psalm 34 : 6 – 7]

I love this story and have used it in the church before, but it talks so much about simple faith and the help God gives in times of Prayer. Here we go:-

“The car gave a violent lurch and came to a stop. “What was that!” the children cried. Tib looked down into the deep draw below us. “I think we’ve gone through the bridge” she said. It was true. As soon as I stepped out onto the narrow log and dirt bridge straddling the steep gully, I saw that our rear wheel had plunged through the rotten timbers up to the axle.

Tib took the three kids back to solid ground. I jacked up the car, intending to fill the hole, then let the wheels back down and drive off. But searching that barren landscape produced nothing but small twigs and pebbles which fell right through the break in the bridge. Nowhere could we find rocks or logs big enough to plug the hole.

Since we had come to Africa we had never been in clearer mind of guidance. We were still fifteen miles from the village where we planned to spend the night. Behind us were miles of empty bush: all afternoon we had met one car on the winding dirt track we were following in this little-travelled district of Uganda. Thunderclouds were building up over the Nile, and night would be upon us in half and hours’ time. We couldn’t spend the night in the car for fear the rest of the bridge would collapse. We couldn’t stay out of the car because this was lion country. A mile back we had passed a fresh hippo carcass. 

And so in this emergency we did what we had done frequently since arriving on the African continent. We asked God what to do. We used a principle we had used before, thanking Him ahead of time for the answer which we confidently expected would come. Then we simply waited.

And in the strange calm which follows this attitude, the answer was there, simple and perfect. I got out the spare tyre, slipped it beneath the jacked-up wheel and found that it straddled the hole exactly. I let the car back down, and, to the cheers of the children, drove off the bridge. Just in time too, for with nightfall came the first wave of a driving tropical rainstorm.

Now it would be possible, of course, to say that we had not received guidance at all, we were just using common sense. Once I would have been inclined to agree. But not today. For our African year, from beginning to end, above all was an adventure in guidance. There where so much was strange, we found ourselves daily, hourly, sometimes, minute – by minute asking Gods direction.

[“Glimpses of His Glory”, by John and Elizabeth Sherrill]



You are strong and mighty and You save us in all the difficulties of life.

We are glad that we can come to You and that You listen,

That You also act and give us the know how or the strength

To see things through. 

Preserve us from despair and anxiety and help us to remember 

To come to You when we are enmeshed in our troubles.

We give to You the Glory and we give You our thanks

For Your Loving Hand ever reaching out to us.

We ask inJesus Name. AMEN

SUNDAY 14.08.2022

Read “The Walk to Emmaus” in Luke 24 : 13 – 35

Their footprints were going in the wrong direction, away from Jerusalem, away from the other believers and away from all that had happened. They were leaving behind all that had happened, not only the tragedy of the crucifixion but also their hopes and dreams of a New Way of Life, a New Order of things. The powerful Jesus, the Prophet had been seized by men of power and effectively disposed of. where was the power now? where was the Hope? All seemed to be lost so they journey back. A painful journey emotionally, having to go back and face their community.

You can see why they are confused, the reports are that the Tomb is empty, what does that mean? the two argued as they walked along and quietly, their living proof, Jesus started to walk alongside them. He joined them as it was always safer journeying in numbers.

Jesus had looked out for them and had decided to help His followers and He did so personally. This is because not only were they waking in the wrong direction but their thinking was also back to front. They had all the elements of the narrative of Jesus but they saw only despair, they could not see past the crucifixion. How could someone survive the cruelties of the Romans, the sentence placed on Him by the Sanhedrin?

Jesus walked alongside to teach and to show them where they were going wrong. He took time with them, He sought them out, He changed their direction from going away from the right path to set their feet on the right path. When they realised who He was their hearts were lifted, they were shifted from darkness to light, from despair to utter happiness.

There are times in our lives when we go off in the wrong direction spiritually, when, maybe, we lose faith and wander off, or, find the teaching too hard, or even are called to a specific task and find ourselves walking in the opposite direction. It wouldn’t be the first time or the last. Yet in each case, the Lord gets alongside and calls us back, back on to the straight path. He does not shout from on high to condemn, there is no finger pointing, no list of wrongs cast up. Jesus walks alongside to send us out on to the straight path, to make sure our footprints are facing in the right direction. May you gain that sense of Jesus ever with you as you strike out this week on life’s journey.



We thank You that Jesus walks alongside 

and guides us gently on to the right path of life.

we thank You that there is always 

the opportunity to change direction

and be able to walk closer with You.

A walk which gives such peace and comfort and 

The glory of a new direction in life.

We ask in Jesus Name. AMEN


They pulled the boats up on the beach, left everything, and followed Jesus.  [Luke 5 : 1 – 11]

Jesus was doing something new and the effect was far-reaching. So come with me and imagine yourselves by the shore of Galilee, the bright sun sparkling off the water, which edges it way in along the sand. The place is busy, busy with fishermen landing and the fish going off to be prepared and always people around. Let us be part of the crowd now, pressing closer so that we can hear what He is saying. Something new and something intriguing. 

Jesus stops, He gets into Peter’s boat and starts to preach and in the natural amphitheatre by the lake, everyone can hear Him and they cannot get enough. Jesus has come out of the synagogue to go out to the people in order to tell them about the Love of God. usually teaching takes place in the Temple or in the Synagogue and the Rabbi’s teach disciples who go to them. Yet now Jesus starts a tradition of reaching out to people, something which is practised right down to this day. We think of Mission and Outreach where Church is open to all in different ways such as Café church for example.

Jesus speaks and he speaks in a way that He reaches the heart of each one there. He speaks with such simplicity that everyone understands message right away, that God is Love and He Loves all people. He reached the heart of Peter who is amazed and impressed by the size of the catch. This was someone special and too good, this led Peter to declare that He was a “sinful man” and did not feel worthy of being in Jesus presence.

Yet Jesus understood Peter and his confession but wiped it away as the waves wipe out the marks on the sand. He offered Peter and Andrew, then James and John a new direction, a new way of life, which they accepted without a second thought. 

He offers this life to each one of us, to follow Him, even if we think we are not good enough, or have blown our chances through our past mistakes. He deals with that and clears the past, just as the waves smooths out the writing on the sand. It is what lies ahead that is really important. God is doing something new in this church and we look forward not only in faith but also with anticipation. He opens our eyes to the possibilities of being involved in the church and in the community. Have you heard His Call? Has He touched your heart? Then listen out for that call and follow Him.



We love to walk along the shore of Galilee in our imagination.

We love to hear of the miracles and teaching of Jesus.

May we be open to Your Call

And may we be prepared to follow wherever You Lead.

For we know that we are ever in Your Hands

For You Love us and will always be with us.

We give You Thanks and pray in Jesus Name 



“Instead, be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom of God and with what he requires of you, and he will provide you with all these other things.” [Matthew 6 : 33] 

Who among us could live without computers? They are everywhere you look and are necessary for so much in our lives. But they are only recent things, just three generations ago the Chairman of IBM declared there is a world for only five computers. As recently as 1977 the President of Digital Equipment claimed there is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home! 

The revolution was brought about by Steven Jobs who was just 21 when he and Steve Wozniak invented the Apple Computer. Up till then computers were the size of a small room, they managed to create something which was the size of a box and could sit on a desk. They offered their invention to Atari, they got knocked back, they tried Hewlett Packard and again knocked back. 

So Jobs sold his car and Wozniak sold his calculator and they had 1300 dollars and started Apple Computers, they called it Apple in memory of a happy summer that Steve Jobs had spent working in an orchard. The rest as they say is history. Everything was going well as far as the visionary side was going but Jobs soon realised that he needed someone with great management expertise. He approached the then President of Pepsi Cola John Sculley and asked him to join the company. He got knocked back.

He tried again and got knocked back again. Finally in a last ditch effort he presented his vision and asked the following question – “ Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?” It took no time for Sculley to answer yes and the company went from strength to strength and they did change the world.

Jesus comes to us with the same question – “do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?” most of us spend our lives making sugared water, going to work to accumulate more possessions and perhaps finding space for God and the world in our spare time. But Jesus had a vision to change the world. His was a vision of the Kingdom of God and He Calls us to place it at the centre of our lives, to put God first before all things. To Pray for guidance and courage in all that we do, to give thanks for all that we have, and all that we are.


[The information about Apple Computers can be found on “ideafinder” website.



You are the all in all, the beginning and the end, the centre of all things

We give You thanks for this life and all its blessings.

For joys great and simple.

For gifts and powers more than we deserve,

For the light in this world, brought to us by Jesus,

Shining ever through the Holy Spirit.

We pray in Jesus Name. AMEN


“A poor boy was selling goods from one door to another to pay for his studies. One day he found that he had only one dime left, and he was hungry. While approaching the next house, he decided to ask for a meal.

But when a young woman has opened the door, he only dared to ask for a glass of water. She looked at him and understood that probably the boy is hungry. So she brought him a large glass of milk. He drank it and then asked how much he owed her. The woman replied: „You don‘t own me anything. Mother taught us never to accept pay for a kindness“. „Then I thank you from the bottom of my heart“, – he said and felt that now is stronger not only physically, but his faith in God has grown as well. The boy‘s name was Howard Kelly.

Many years have passed. One day that woman became seriously ill. Local doctors could not help her. Therefore they sent her to a big city, where her rare disease would be studied by specialists. Dr Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation. When he entered her room in the hospital, he immediately recognized the woman, that showed kindness to him, when he was poor. The doctor was determined to do his best to help her recover from her disease.

The struggle was long, but together they managed to overcome her illness. After some time the woman received a bill for her treatment. She was worried that the amount to pay would be so significant, that it would take the rest of her life to pay for it. Finally, when the woman looked at the bill, she noticed words that were written on the side of the bill. The words were: „Paid in full with a glass of milk“. “

I found this story the other day and it just shows that every action no matter how small has an effect we can never calculate. To show care and even the smallest act of kindness is doing the work of the Lord, this lady’s kindness not only physically helped the poor boy but spiritually as ell. Have you thought about the effect your kind actions or words have had on others? Maybe not, but they have and you never know what will happen when we all show even a little kindness.


We thank You for the small acts of kindness shown to us,

Save us from taking them for granted and help us to appreciate each one.

We thank You for those whose lives are filled with thoughtfulness and kindness,

May we emulate them in our lives and strive to be kinder every day.

We remember the Loving Kindness of Jesus and above all give thanks for Him.

We pray in His Name



“This, then, is how you should pray: ‘Our Father in heaven: May your holy name be honoured;
10 may your Kingdom come;” [Matthew 6 : 9-10]

How do you view God? Right now, stop and have a think, what picture is in your mind’s eye when you think of God? is it a rather austere individual sitting on a magnificent throne, glaring down at humanity – throwing lightening bolts just like the depictions in films? Aloof and judgemental and when we pray every gift has to be bargained for or coerced out of Him? Or maybe you see a mocking God, one who sees all and knows all yet does stays apart for each of us and in a very mechanical and bureaucratic way deals with people. [I hope not]

Or do you see a Loving Father who is so keen to be so generous to His children that He will give them whatever they ask for that is good? This is the image which is the true one of God. We are the children of God and we have the right and the ability to call on God directly in our prayers and to call Him Father. It was Jesus who introduced the world to the vision of God as Father and it is underlined in the prayer that He Taught us. He said, “Our Father “, the word He used was “Abba” which means Dad, a more familiar way of speaking and it implies that Love and Gracious Nature of God towards His people.

Jesus was keen to teach everyone around that God is Love and this was a hard lesson for the people at the time because their vision of God [or gods thought of by the gentiles] was either one of the two scenarios described at the beginning, dark and judgemental or capricious and uncaring. 

His teaching though was to change the mind-set of the time to see God as a Fatherly Figure, one who cares, provides, supports and gives to His children. Difficult as this last point is to take on board as we are not that good at asking. A child would ask – they don’t worry about convention or even being polite. They just come out with it and ask for the toy or the ice cream or whatever, and generally we respond by giving which is a natural response, if you can, you give. How much more does God the Father give to us?

But as adults we hang back and refrain from asking because we are not used to asking for ourselves. We are independent people, we can cope, we don’t need help, we are grown ups. We pray for others and ask for help, or courage, or support for them and can do so quite easily. The question is – have you done so for yourself? Have you prayed for help when it is most needed, have you asked for patience in a difficult situation, have you been stressed out of your mind? 

God is just as concerned about us and our daily lives. If He is our Father as we say He is in our prayers – then remember to treat Him as such. Not as a stern judge glaring down or as a bureaucrat but as the Father He is. The God of Love, the Father who loves us. The image of God is Love and kindness and beauty and I hope that is the image you have of Him.


Heavenly Father,









“Do not be afraid—I am with you!  I am your God—let nothing terrify you!
I will make you strong and help you; I will protect you and save you.” [Isaiah 41 : 10]

Jesus sent His Disciples out [Mark 6 : 7 – 13] in pairs to go out to the villages and neighbourhoods to preach the Good News. This was scary stuff for the Disciples, so far, they had been in the passenger seat. Smiling as they went along, taking all the kudos for being with Jesus. Oh yes, they special friends of His didn’t you know, and what they had seen and the stories they could tell – – – -. 

Jesus, remember was becoming a celebrity, everyone wanted to know Him, be near Him and to hear what He had to say. So being a Disciple was pretty good. Jesus stood in front of the crowds, dealt with critics, and the authorities. He called the shots and made the decisions. So far so good but that “honeymoon time” was coming to an end, now it was their turn. It was like a precipice had appeared and they were standing at the edge of it.

Have you ever been there, where you suddenly realise that you are on your own and have to get on with it? For me it was the first time [too many years ago to mention] I stepped onto the ward during my nurse training and somebody shouted “Nurse” and I looked round and was staggered to realise they meant me. I was armed with knowledge and had all the experience of the tutors behind me but now was the time to put this into practice. 

Or for you it might be the first time you drive the car after passing the test. Where was the comforting voice guiding you through the traffic? Going on your own is quite a step in the dark despite all that training and encouragement. 

For the Disciples it was a big moment, so what did tip the scales between stepping back and dropping out and deciding to go forward? What made these uneducated ordinary working men go forward then and much later after the resurrection of Jesus? A devotional writer Max Lucado sums it up as having “an ounce more devotion than fear”. 

The Disciples travelled light and simply depended on God’s Grace. They were Called by Jesus and Sent out by Him and they at all times went in His Strength. They believed the promise that they would never be alone. For us, in the here and now we also step forward trusting in God to give us the strength and courage to carry out His work in the world. 

Sometimes in this life, Jesus nudges us a bit, but never to something we cannot cope with. So many people have surprised themselves when they have found themselves taking part in the church life. finding talents that they never knew they had because Jesus always wants the best for us and brings out the best in us. The best part of all we know that we are never alone for He will always be with us.



Thank You for Your continuing Presence in our lives,

For Your Encouragement, and Support,

For Your Call to Service

And for the opportunity we have to be all that we can be.

We ask in Jesus Name.