Condorrat Parish Church was established in 1875 but previously to that services were held in the schoolroom.  However it was felt that a more suitable place was needed to serve the population of 1700 people, of whom 500 were Roman Catholics, and in 1872 Presbytery decided to appoint Rev. James Johnstone as minister.  He then conducted services in the old village school.

In order to build a church, the local people who were weavers, quarrymen and miners collected money and eventually in 1874 enough was raised for work to commence on the Church and Manse.  It was completed on 4th April 1875 and cost £3535.  In 1891 the Church Hall was built.

During the Rev. Johnstone’s ministry he was not only minister but also acted as physician in the Parish when necessity demanded.  He oversaw Condorrat Church Savings Bank, Kirk Session meetings and had to tackle problems such as irregular marriages and the singing of hymns in Church.

Rev. Johnston died in May 1904 and to commemorate his dedication to Condorrat a plaque was erected in his memory and can still be seen today in the vestibule of the Church.

1904-1919  Rev. Francis G. Geddes

Rev. Geddes was the second minister for Condorrat and his ministry lasted 15 years.  During his ministry the First World War was on and the congregations finances and resources were severely stretched.  Rev. Geddes himself worked in a munitions factory in Glasgow for part of the war and by the time the war ended in November 1918 29 men from the congregation and parish had perished.  The Rev. Geddes finally left Condorrat for a parish in Glasgow.

1920-1926  Rev. Charles Heughan

Rev. Heughan took over the charge of Condorrat in November after a long vacancy.   He was instrumental in having a harmonium installed in the Church and the ante-rooms in the Church Hall were added in 1925.  Rev.Heughan left Condorrat in 1926 to go to a Glasgow charge.

1927 – 1929 Rev. Archibald Montgomery

By the time the Rev. Montgomery left Condorrat he had established the church as a place not only for worship but also as a social centre.  A Badminton Club thrived and Whist Drives were held during the winter months to help provide a light relief and also some form of income.

1929-1936 Rev. George Martin

The Rev. Martin was called to Condorrat only 7 weeks after the departure of Rev. Montgomery.  During his ministry the Church of Scotland and The United Free Church of Scotland were united and Condorrat was transferred from Glasgow Presbytery to LInlithgow and Falkirk Presbytery. It was during this time that the Congregational Board was established and took over the running of the congregations finances and fabric matters.

The Memorial to the Dead of the First World War was unveiled in 1934 and also Baptisms were now conducted in Church instead as previously was the norm, at the Manse, Vestry or the child’s home.

When Rev. Martin left in September 1936 he and Mrs Martin had had two sons and a daughter, all born in the Manse.  After his departure Condorrat was without a minister for 8 months.

1937-1962 Rev. John Montgomery

During the Rev. Montgomery’s time at Condorrat both he and the Kirk Session along with the congregation opposed the suggestion from Assembly in 1945 that there should be women elders.  HIs only son Robert was licenced in Condorrat to preach the Gospel in April 1953 and along with his sister gave strength and support to his father in his ministry.   Rev. Montgomery left Condorrat in 1962 to take up a charge in Aberdeen before dying in Rothesay in 1966.

1963-1968  Rev. J. Kennedy Ord

The Rev. Ord came to Condorrat just before the New Town of Cumbernauld came into being and he along with 3 members of the Kirk Session acted as Assessor Elders in two of the Cumbernauld congregations viz Kildrum and Abronhill.  He demitted the charge in December 1968 but is warmly remembered by many for his genuine and forceful ministry.

1969 – 1992    Rev. Bruce McNicol

The Rev. Bruce McNicol was called to Condorrat on October 19 and arrived as the changes in Cumbernauld were taking place.

He helped attract incoming population to the Church and was supportive of all the Youth Organisations in the church.   A new manse was needed and to this end a house was purchased nearby for the use by the minister and is still today the official Church Manse.  The old manse became a useful addition as Church House and plans were put in place for a new Church Hall.  He left in 1992 to take up a charge in Jedburgh in the Borders.

1993 – 1997 Rev. John McDonald

The Rev. McDonald took charge in Condorrat after the parish was nearly 1 year without a minister.  During his time at Condorrat the Church Stone work was cleaned.  He demitted his charge in 1997 due to ill health.

1997 – 2002 Rev. Taylor Brown

Only a few months after the departure of the Rev. John McDonald, Condorrat once again welcomed a new minister.  The Rev. Taylor Brown had just completed his training and this was his first  charge and was inducted into Condorrat on 9th October 1997.  During his time at Condorrat the Church Stain Glass Windows were all refurbished.  Rev. Brown left in December 2002 to take up a charge in Ayrshire where he and his family orginially came from.

2004 – 2008 Rev. William Jackson

During the two years when Condorrat had no minister, a series of readers and locums came and conducted services at Condorrat.  However, in November 2004 the Rev. William Jackson was inducted into Condorrat.  During his time at Condorrat the Rev. Jackson oversaw the Stewardship Campaign which was started to try and bring back to the church those members of the congregation who had not been attending regularly and after a very successful Family Meal some of the congregation did return.  However, the Rev. Jackson left in May 2008 to take up a charge in the neighbouring Presbytery.

2008 – April 2011

At present Condorrat is without a minister.  However the nomination committee are working hard trying to find a minister for the parish.  The Rev. Elinor Gordon of Kildrum Parish Church is our Interim Moderator in the meantime and with the help of a locum, the Rev John Jenkinson, is attending to the needs of the parish.

April 2011 – August 2022

On the 14th April the Rev Grace Saunders was inducted into Condorrat Parish Church. She had previously been preaching at Dundee, prior to her call to Condorrat. During her time at Condorrat the Sanctuary was totally refurbished and the Church organ also was refurbished. Rev Saunders retired in August 2022.

September 2022 – to date.

At present Condorrat is without a minister. The congregation are not able to call a minister for the parish due to changes within the Church of Scotland. At present we are in a Deferred Union with Abronhill Parish Church until further notice. The Rev Stuart Irvin of Torrance Parish Church was appointed by Glasgow Presbytery as our Interim Moderator and with the help of a Locum Mr Gordon McInally both are attending to the needs of the parish.


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